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Enhance your students' understanding of prepositions with these creative teaching ideas. Engage your students in interactive activities and watch their learning soar.
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Hello friends…..just stopping by with a mid week check in and wanted to share with you the cutest lesson we did today on PREPOSITIONS! Now if you've tackled this skill with your firsties, you know it's not the easiest skill for them to grasp! We've been working in these little rascals for a while now….we […]

Stacy Radja
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In our classroom we have been learning all about prepositions. I usually hate teaching grammar, but these hands-on reading units have made it so much more fun! Pinterest I started off by introducing prepositions with a song… These songs were PERFECT!! If you play them, be prepared for a classroom of little singers that will […]

Angela Williams
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Last week I shared my lesson idea for teaching prepositions and prepositional phrases. The follow up lesson is what I call the "Preposition House Project." Each child folds a piece of 8 1/2 x 11" paper to make an origami house (picture directions below). I ask them to decorate the inside as their bedroom or another favorite room of their house. Then, they write a paragraph describing where everything is in their room using prepositions and prepositional phrases. I have them underline the…

Heather Jacques