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Tarot magic

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Tarot magic. Get inspired and try out new things.
The top Tarot cards which mean cheating and infidelity in readings for beginners! If you’re performing love, relationship and romance readings, this illustration can give you tips. Deck is the Rider Waite Tarot with The Moon, The High Priestess, The Fool and The Magician. - Divination and Fortune Telling

Which Tarot cards mean infidelity? Which Tarot cards predict that your partner is cheating? Curious to find out which Tarot cards you do not want to see if you’re worried your partner has been unfaithful? Here is a list of the Tarot cards of lying, cheating and infidelity.

The Swords belong to the air element. In Tarot the Suit of  Swords cards stand for intellect, concentration and rationality. The swords are also a sign of self-control and excessive ambition.

The Ultimate Tarot Guide, get to know the Tarot Cards, their meaning and how they are used in Tarot readings and predicting the future.

Deck interview spread

Today I interviewed my very first tarot deck, the Linestrider tarot. This was my very first tarot reading and I am hooked!

Tarot Elements: Correspondences and Working with Elemental Dignities – Labyrinthos

Within the Tarot, the minor arcana is composed of 4 suits, each with their own elemental correspondences. These elemental associations are great in giving you a general feeling about each of the minor arcana cards, while also acting as examples for how these elemental energies can appear in your daily life. You can also use the elements to get an overarching perspective of what your readings main themes are. An abundance of cups can signal that relationships and emotions are at the core of…

2 pages | 8.5 x 11 inches  This full-color PDF printable tarot cheat sheet will help you remember the keywords for each of the 78 tarot cards (including reversed meanings).  Every tarot card is included, and is shown visually as well as with keywords.  The first page shows the regular, upright meanings for each of the cards. The second page is a cheatsheet for the reversed (upside-down) meaning of each card.  They can be printed and used together to help you learn and remember the tarot card ...

Do you want to learn the tarot card meanings and do tarot readings for others? This printable tarot cheat sheet will help you as you learn to read the cards, quickly and easily. You don’t need to memorize the tarot card meanings or wait for inspiration. This Tarot Cheat Sheet will have you reading from day one! The 2-page PDF printable cheat sheet can be printed at 8.5 x 11 inches (or A4 size) and can be used with any traditional RW-based tarot deck. Each of the 78 tarot cards is included…

8 Simple ways you can interpret a three card tarot reading. Perfect for solo card readings.  Mind / Body / Spirit Past / Present / Future The Situation / The Obstacle / The Lesson Embrace / Accept / Let Go Dream / Life / Fear Tomorrow / New Week / Next Month Desire / Obstacle / Solution Red light / Yellow light / Red light  from Homebound Tarot

The type of reading I’ll do most often is a 3-card reading. They’re full of insight but not long. They’re concise, and create a great...

The Fool Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for New Beginnings – Labyrinthos

Explore the Fool major arcana tarot card with this tarot spread. Since the Fool is about new beginnings and adventure, use this spread when you’re starting a new stage of your life; whether its moving, a new relationship, a new career, etc.

The Lovers Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for Love in All Forms – Labyrinthos

Explore the Lovers major arcana tarot card with this tarot spread. Since the Lovers is about relationships and unity, use this spread when you want to better see all the love that you have in your life.

Tsaarot 🌿 on Twitter

“Hotties are we gonna try a journalling challenge with both upright and reversed cards? It'd be so cool to write a journal entry about the keywords of the tarot every so often”

Tarot spread- For a tarot reading please visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheQueensTarot/ :)

Let the Tarot cards be your guide this year with our Year-Ahead Tarot card reading! This 7-card spread examines last year, your goals for this year, and the best way to achieve them!