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Transform your indoor space with these beautiful indoor plants. Discover top ideas to add a touch of greenery and freshness to your home or office.

Costa Farms grow Majesty Palms in low-light conditions to ensure they thrive as houseplants, they shouldn't be in hot, sunny situations. Height at shipping is approximately 36-inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. Ships in a 10-inch diameter décor pot. Grow Majesty Palm Tree in bright, indirect sunlight for the best growth and enjoy! Water Majesty Palm Tree with approximately 2-3 cups of water about once a week. Adjust as needed for your environment…

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Just like we slow down in winter, so do our houseplants. Thriving in summer, they are subjected to low light levels, short days, dry heated air, and a chilly house in winter. As their growth habits change, so must our indoor gardening tasks. 1. Less H2O. Interior plants need less water in winter. A major cause of killi

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The plant that I ship is about 2-3 feet tall. Combined shipping: If bought with other plants that I sell, shipping is combined and discounted. Monstera are species of evergreen tropical vines and shrubs that are native to Central America. They are famous for their natural leaf-holes, which has led to the rise of their nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant. The Monstera's leaf-holes are called fenestrations and are theorized to maximize sun fleck capture on the forest floor by increasing the spread of…

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