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"You're a MONSTER. You are not worth it. All you are good for is killing." With a few fucked up years behind her (Y/n) Akamori gets excepted into U.A. High School, as she gets into 1-A she has to get used to her new life. Will she fit in with the rest of the class or will she always stay an outsider, or as she got used to calling it. "Will I always be a Monster, "... ⚠️ Swearing and cursing will occur. Abuse and depression may be active in this story if you are struggling with these topics…

jessica parise
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(Y/N) is a omega who runs away with her mum because hunters and alphas of other packs wanting power are killing her pack , Mitsuki bakugou, an alpha accepts them on her pack for paying (Y/N) dad , then she meets a hothead teenage alpha named katsuki , what whould happen when their pack is in danger ? Warnings : I don't own boku no hero academia characters Some drawings are mine but other ones are form other artists (all credit for them) Will eventually have smut . UNEDITED

Vicky 🧚🏼‍♂️✨