Subclavian artery

Learn about the subclavian artery and its crucial role in supplying blood to the arms and brain. Discover how to keep this artery healthy for optimal overall health.
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Hello friends, Today let's memorise the branches of subclavian artery. The mnemonic is VITamin 'C ' and 'D' Here VIT corresponds to branches arising from first part. 'C' from second part. 'D' from third part of subclavian artery. So from first part: V - Vertebral I - Internal thoracic artery T - Thyrocervical trunk or Thyroscapulocervical trunk( this makes our task easy to memorize branches of this trunk) Thyroscapulocervical - Gives rise to 3 arteries: Thyro -- Inferior thyroid artery…

Kunj Patel