Strip paint

Learn how to strip paint from surfaces with these easy and effective methods. Get rid of old paint and give your surfaces a fresh new look with these helpful tips and techniques.
strip paint from wood

Want to effortlessly strip paint from wood? Forget any other paint remover; there is a much easier and faster way to remove paint from wood, trim, furniture, cabinets, a table, you name it! Discover the best paint stripping product & one tool that, when used together, is hands down the best way to strip paint off wood. You be the judge! Check out this how to stripping paint tutorial and learn the paint removal hack I swear by. Save this pin and read more now, only at…

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Stuck with a painted piece but now want to change it? Find out which of these paint strippers, Kiwk-Strip or Citristrip, was the winner for removing the paint off this secretary desk. Lets say you gave painting furniture a try but you don‘t like how it turned out, changed your mind on the color, or

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Removing paint marks from a plaster wall or a painted wall can seem challenging. Whether you’re repairing old paint, or removing latex paint to recolor, the right paint stripper helps. Try nail polish remover, dish soap, your power washer, and more for stripping paint easily. #remove #paint #walls

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