Stencilling Techniques

Elevate your DIY projects with these creative stencilling techniques. Discover how to add unique patterns and designs to your crafts using stencils and unleash your creativity today.
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5 Quick Tips for Using Stencils

You know sometimes stencils can be tricky little buggers. Today I'm sharing 5 quick tips for using stencils. I mean they bend and move around all over the place. It's tough to get a good stencil impression without some sticky assistance. One thing I'd like to point out about stencils, in general, is the thicker the stencil the more stable it is but thinner stencils give a crisper image. It's a catch 22 there. A more stable stencil or a crisper image? That…

Pat Doyle
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Creating Beautiful Textures by Gelli Printing with Stencils - Hop-A-Long Studio

Gelli printing with stencils is an easy way to create beautiful and unique textures for your art journal and creative projects. If you are new to the gel plate, gelli printing with stencils is an easy way to get comfortable with the medium. I discovered gel printing many years ago, but my first experience with

Brenna Tayon
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Background Technique Using Gesso

It’s amazing the amount of different kinds of art mediums that are available to us right now. And what’s even more amazing is when you use them together.I heard that new products are made just by mixing various mediums together. I’m assuming the risk of accidentally concocting a toxic mix is pretty low.Today, I want to show you what happens when you spray ink onto dried gesso. It really is pretty cool.Supplies needed: • Card stock or art journal • White gesso • Stencils • Spray ink Ok. Let’s…

Ing Lm
How to make a Bridged Stencil from any image. Handmade Wallpaper, Stencil Graffiti, Stencil Printing, How To Make Stencils, Spray Paint Art, Airbrush Art, Stencil Diy, Stencil Art, Teaching Art

Make a Bridged Stencil From Any Image

Make a Bridged Stencil From Any Image: When I first tried stenciling, I worked from drawings and traced the images onto marking paper. I could make black and white stencils this way, but it was difficult to produce color stencils or stencils with more than one tone. With this method I ca…

John Brickley
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Why I will Never Stencil A Wall Again

Sometimes there is a project that even the most experienced DIYer regrets. Today, I am sharing my personal DIY nightmare in the hopes that others can learn from it and never have the experience that I did.

Josee Villeneuve

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