States of matter worksheet grade 4

Make learning about states of matter fun and interactive with our grade 4 worksheets. Explore various activities and exercises to help students understand the different states of matter and their properties.
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States of Matter and Matter Worksheets

This states of matter unit is a perfect supplemental resource to use for 2nd and 3rd grade lessons. The worksheets and passages cover a variety of topics about matter, such as states of matter (solids, liquids, gases), changing states of matter, and more. There are different types of resources, too. There are reading comprehension passages ... Read more

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31 Captivating States of Matter Activities - Teaching Expertise

Everything around us is made up of matter. Pretty cool right? Your kiddos are sure to find this fact super cool as you introduce them to the science behind states of matter. It’s a vital component of every little scientist’s learning journey and we’ve compiled the perfect list of captivating activities and experiments to aid you in developing their scientific knowledge. You’ll engage them in mesmerizing experiments or fine-tune their skills with colorful worksheets. Whatever activity you…

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