Starting a food truck

Learn the essential tips and tricks for starting a successful food truck business. Discover how to create a mouthwatering menu, choose the perfect location, and attract a loyal customer base.
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Survey Results: What is the Average Income for a Food Truck Vendor?

Is a food truck worth it? We surveyed 300 full-time food truck owners and asked them to share annual revenue figures for their businesses to help answer this question. Of the 300 that we surveyed,

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How To Write a Powerful Food Truck Business Plan

Planning to start a food truck? Congratulations! The food truck industry is a growing one with a potential to earn big bucks. However, before you launch your own mobile food startup, there’s something you need to take care of first—writing a food truck business plan. Before we get started, you might be interested to check […]

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What Equipment Is Required On A Food Truck

How we define “The Best” Generator Generators are a very important if not essential part of food truck life. It is one. This is the official blog for Karpatia Trucks, the worldwide leader in custom food trucks.

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