Stages of chicken egg development

Learn about the incredible journey of a chicken egg from fertilization to hatching. Explore the different stages of development and gain a deeper understanding of the miracle of life.
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Fertile Eggs The nucleus of the female cell is a small white or light-coloured speck about the size of a pin head that is located on the top side of the yolk. Here the microscopic male sperm cell finds lodgement and the cells are united to form the embryo. A fertilised egg is characterised by […]

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We have a few local chicken keepers who keep trying to hatch their own eggs, but are having no success. The first thing to do is check if the eggs are fertile. You can do that a few ways. The simplest way of checking fertility is to crack open an egg from the hens and cockerel you’re planning on bre

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*(Refer to the chart below for a visual of the fascinating 26 hour journey of a chicken egg.) From start to finish, it takes an egg approximately 26 hours to travel through a hens reproductive tract. This journey is a fascinating one, going through several developmental stages until it becomes what we know as an

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