Sport art projects

Explore a collection of fun and engaging sport art projects that are perfect for kids and adults. Get inspired to create unique artworks that celebrate your love for sports.
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You need: colored construction paper white drawing sheet paperclips scissors cutting mat and cutting knife glue marker photo of an athlete Print a silhouette of an athlete. Put the colored sheets together with the printed athlete on top. Fix with paper clips. Cut out the athlete, and the colored sheets at the same time. Keep moving the paperclips to be sure the four sheets stay together. Use a cutting knife for areas the scissors can't reach. Make a composition that suggests movement and…

Liesbeth Musters-Kerbusch
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Do you have a sporty preschooler at home? Keep them entertained and engaged with these fun sports-themed crafts! These fun and easy projects are perfect for getting your child excited about their favorite sport. Plus, they make incredible decorations for your child’s bedroom or playroom. These enjoyable activities can also help your child develop fine ... Read more

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