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From grounding practices to chakra meditation, reiki healing and spiritual rituals, this healthy morning routine is your blueprint for holistic wellness and spiritual growth. These healthy morning rituals will align your body, mind, and spirit. #HealthyMorningRoutine #HealthyMorningRituals #Spirituality #HolisticWellness Holistic Healing, Energy Healing Spirituality, Energy Healing, Self Care Routine, Self Improvement Tips, Self Care Activities, Holistic Wellness, Self Improvement, Self Development

Discover the ultimate healthy morning routine that's transformed my life! From grounding practices to reiki healing and spiritual rituals, this healthy morning routine is your blueprint for holistic wellness and spiritual growth. Find your perfect blend of healthy morning rituals that align your body, mind, and spirit. #HealthyMorningRoutine #HealthyMorningRituals #Spirituality #HolisticWellness

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Elevate your vibes with these powerful spiritual manifestation quotes ✨ Let these words of wisdom guide your journey towards positive transformation and abundant living. 🌟 #ManifestationQuotes #SpiritualWisdom

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We had the amazing opportunity this weekend to participate in the annual Buddha's birthday celebration at the State Capitol Building. There was such a beautiful mixture of different cultures all coming together. Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai, American. Lots of people came up to us and it was fun sharing experiences. I face painted the dancers from our school. Our kids were part of a performance called Das Avatar. Ten kids each portrayed a different incarnation of the God…

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Colleen has extensive training in many forms of healing including Sound Healing (she has two degrees in music!), Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch®, Harmonic Healing, Spiritual Healing, and her own method of healing, Luminescent Healing, which brings light and love to those in need of healing. Colleen offers psychic medium readings both in person and remotely via phone.

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