Sorority sisterhood

Discover ways to strengthen the sisterhood in your sorority and create lifelong friendships. Explore top ideas to bond, support, and empower each other in your sisterhood journey.
An image of a sorority charcuterie picnic event. There are low picnic tables, rugs, and pillows on the front yard, with a balloon garland and neon sign photo backdrop. Picnic Decorations, Party, Event Activities, Recruitment Decorations, Event, Sorority Recruitment Decorations, Sorority Decorations, Sorority Bid Day, Pink Backdrop

After over a year of not being able to hold in person events together, our Charcuterie Picnic Sisterhood was such a special evening! The sisterhood team went all out for this long awaited celebration, and we cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work!

caitlyn byerly