Socially awkward

Learn how to navigate social situations with ease and confidence. Discover strategies to overcome social awkwardness and build meaningful connections with others.
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Social awkwardness isn’t a mental health condition and there’s no diagnosis for it; rather it’s the sum of feelings you may have when in social settings. Not understanding social cues can be a reason for feeling socially awkward, however, it’s possible to understand these cues so you can feel more like you fit in.

Wendy Allan
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When Ani Castillo, Mexican cartoonist immigrated to Canada, she faced a very difficult time adapting to the fact that she had to start her life from scratch, learn to speak a new language and be away from her family.She then sought some help and a brilliant psychologist in training took her under her wing. Together they found ways for Ani to cope with the challenges. One of them was this cartoon, Imaginary Friend. The name refers to the years when Ani wouldn't dare to speak for fear of…

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