Social injustice

Take a stand against social injustice and be part of the solution. Explore inspiring ideas to make a positive impact and create a fairer society for all.
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Hiiii from Cape Cod. On Tuesday the whole family descended upon my parents’ house. It’s been so nice having a whole week of family time. BBQs, yummy dinners at my family restaurant, and a fun night + day at The Wequassett. That being sad… what’s going on in the world has me so sad. I […]

draculara kinnie <3
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Looking for inspirational quotations about injustice? We have rounded up the best collection of injustice quotes, social injustice quotes, sayings, captions,and slogans, (with images and pictures) to motivate you to take a stand and speak against the wrong and seek justice. Injustice is defined as a lack of fairness or justice. It is an unjust […]

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