Soap tutorial

Learn how to make your own soap with these easy and fun tutorials. Get creative and personalize your soaps with different scents, colors, and shapes.
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If you need soap making ideas, check out these advanced melt and pour soap techniques. DiY soap making is fun, and here are 23 ideas to inspire you. Making soap recipes gives you 23 different ways to make melt and pour soap with different techniques. DIY soap making with different colorants, embeds, and other ways to customize your bar of soap. #diy #soap #soapmaking #meltandpoursoap #diysoap

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You will need: 300gr Clear M&P Base Glitter powder Fragrance Skeleton leaves Microwave Jug Tweezers Rubbing Alcohol to spray bubbles away String and pegs Method: Melt your soap base in the microwave in 20 second bursts. When melted add your fragrance and stir gently and spritz the rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles. Take your string and make a "washing line" to hang the soap leaves on to dry. Take a skeleton leaf in the tweezers and dip them one by one into the soap base. One dip is all…

Debbie Oxford