Small scale gardening

Transform your small space into a vibrant garden oasis with these creative small scale gardening ideas. Learn how to maximize your space and create a stunning garden that will flourish in any size area.
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To create the right size for your vegetable garden, pick the right location that are sunny, have a good soil and stable environment. Start with small plot size that is about 16x10 feet and choose a feature crops that are easy to grow for beginner. Space your crop properly because plants that is set too close will compete for sunlight, water and nutrition and fail to mature; pay attention to the spacing guidance on seed packets and plant tabs. Use high-quality seeds and water properly.

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Small-Scale Medicinal Herb Farming Success Written By: Susanna Raeven, MOTHER EARTH NEWS Blogger It’s been quite a ride and it is still going at a high speed. From the moment of realization that the world of healing herbs was calling me, to my first herbal class, to running a small-scale herb farm that grows medicinal herbs with […]

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