Small fish

Discover the best ways to care for and enjoy small fish as pets. Dive into our top ideas for setting up a captivating aquarium and creating a vibrant underwater world for your small fish.
The metallic shiner (Pteronotropis metallicus) is a member of the minnow, shiner and chub family. Learn more about this native freshwater species in this online guide! #FamilyLeuciscidae Tropical Freshwater Fish, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Amazing Animal Pictures, Animal Pics, Fish Sketch, Fish Gallery, Florida Fish, Herb Ritts, Small Fish

Pteronotropis metallicus (Jordan and Meek 1884) Family Leuciscidae The metallic shiner is a member of the minnow, shiner and chub family and has a deep, compressed body with a pink-red line above a broad steel-blue stripe along the side body. Black pigment on each fin creates the effect of a

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