Small bathroom laundry combo layout

Discover smart layout ideas to optimize space in your small bathroom laundry combo. Create a functional and stylish area that meets all your needs with these top ideas.
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So, where were we? Oh, right — getting ready to remodel our bathroom. To recap: We live on the top floor of a two-family house, and our laundry was down two flights of narrow stairs in the basement. So we decided to remodel our small (and only!) bathroom by moving the toilet across the room and carving out... Continue Reading

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Create professional 2D and 3D bathroom/laundry room combo floor plans and renderings. Visualize bathroom and laundry room layouts and close remodeling deals faster.

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When space is at a premium, it’s worth making rooms in your home more flexible with the ability to function as multipurpose. One of these rooms is the laundry. Combining

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