Sleeping animals

Experience the heartwarming beauty of sleeping animals. Explore the most adorable moments captured in the animal kingdom and be amazed by their peaceful slumber.
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These Dogs Will Sleep Everywhere But in Their Own Bed Puppies are adorable — that’s a fact of life. It’s also a fact that these little daredevils have the incredible ability to fall asleep anywhere, from gardens to workstations. We have no idea how they could possibly be comfortable in these positions, but their awkward …

Dozing Bambie

From giraffes and lambs to squirrels and kittens, we've gathered images of adorable sleeping animals for this gallery. Find out which animal sleeps the longest and which animals just get a wink of snooze time.

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I don't usually write stories to go along with my pictures but in this case the story is worth telling. Every winter in March for the past 30 years myself and three of my friends spend 4 or 5 days fishing and winter camping in Lake Superior Provincial Park. These days my friends fish and I look for photo opportunities. Last week was our annual trip. Temperatures were below normal for this time of year being below minus 20 C every night with a strong north wind every day. On the second day I…

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