Sixth grade classroom

Transform your sixth grade classroom into an engaging and inspiring learning space. Discover top ideas to create a fun and productive environment for your students.
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6th Grade Classroom Management Tips And Ideas: Organization, System, Supplies, And Activities - Teaching Expertise

For many students, sixth grade marks the beginning of middle school. Middle school students thrive on independence and responsibility. Effective teachers recognize this and create classrooms to accommodate these student needs. Therefore, we have developed an awesome list of 15 favorite classroom management strategies for you to implement in your classrooms.

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Teaching Ideas for the First Day of School

First days of school can be stressful. There's an insane amount of pressure to make a great first impression. The administration wants you to go over the handbook of rules for the district. There's tons of forms that need to be filled out. You need to learn their names and it's hard because half the names don't match your class list. His name is Samuel but he goes by S.J. Her name on your roll says Mary, but she goes by Mary Beth. You want to start off the year on the right note regarding…

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Back to School Ideas and Activities for Upper Elementary - Teaching Made Practical

Back to school season is both exciting and overwhelming. There's so much for teachers to do, and never enough time to do it. Below, find activities and ideas for those first days of school to help set your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade student up for a successful year. The ideas below include: classroom management tips ice breakers and activity ... Read More

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ELA Classroom SetUp Made Easier

As teachers begin planning for back to school, I see an abundance of creative classrooms filling my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. I love seeing how other

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Middle School Classroom Management Plan: My Classroom Rules and Consequences

The educational strategies I use in my classroom are things I continuously reflect on and develop. The classroom management of my middle school classrooms is one of the things I’m most proud of with my teaching. I generally had a happy classroom that was under control and focused on learning, which wasn't always easy considering my classes each consisted of 30+ seventh graders at ALL possible academic levels working out of their seats on science experiments and activities. My biggest pieces…

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