Single at 40

Discover how to embrace your single life at 40 and find love again. Explore top tips and advice for navigating the dating world and building meaningful connections.
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This post contains affiliate links please read my disclaimer for more information As I write this, I’m listening to a talk about praying for your future spouse, so obviously, I still have a desire for marriage. But having the desire for marriage in no way negates the fact that happiness can be found as a …

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When I was 25 I felt like an old maid. I realize now that I was being a bit overdramatic, but it felt terrible at the time. Partially, I think it was just that I was surrounded by people who were married. I felt like a left behind loser. The feeling made me more desperate to shed my single status. …

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Who said dating has to be stressful? For the women over 40 (or 30) dating who think there's no good place to meet single men, think again? Try these unique or specialty places where you guarantee yourself to meet single men, where you asking for advice/help or a general question would seem normal and the would have to stay in one spot

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