Shrug knitting pattern

Discover a collection of cozy and stylish knitting patterns for shrugs. Knit your own trendy shrug and add a fashionable layer to your outfit. Get inspired and start knitting today.
Sea-Green Simple Shrug | Throw on this little knit shrug when you need some coverage during the warmer months. Jumpers, Knitting Projects, Cardigans, Knit Patterns, Shrug Knitting Pattern, Knitting Patterns Free, Knit Shrug, Knitting Patterns, Knitted Shawls

Sometimes it's almost--but not quite--cool enough to wear a sweater. That's when you need a shrug, like this Sea-Green Simple Shrug, which covers your arms but leaves your torso free. This knitted shrug pattern uses bulky yarn, so it's relatively quick to knit as well as being a simple, stylish knitting project. Learn how to knit a shrug with this basic, straightforward pattern that will keep you warm when there's a morning chill in the air. This shrug is less bulky than a full sweater, so…