Shroom room

Explore unique and imaginative shroom room ideas to create a whimsical and enchanting space. Discover how to incorporate vibrant colors, cozy seating, and magical decor to bring your shroom room to life.
The "Mushroom House". A home built under the influence of hallucinating drugs.  Honestly? Its beautiful.  It has such a nice soft movement to it.  Theres nothing... "rough" feeling in my opinion.  I love it :) Architecture, House Design, Restaurant, Sunken Living Room, House Interior, Unusual Homes, Cave House, Underground Homes, Home Design

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous home built by an architect who just so happened to enjoy tripping on mushrooms as much as building houses. The home, located in Aspen, Colorado, has been known as the "Magic Mushroom House" since its its inception in 1973.

Pei-Pei Chu