Shirley manson

Explore the unique style and powerful music of Shirley Manson, the frontwoman of Garbage. Discover her influence on the alternative rock scene and be inspired by her fearless attitude and mesmerizing performances.
My Muse, My Everything: Shirley Manson | This photo changed … | Flickr Rock Bands, Moda, Des Garcons, Pfw, Verano, Women Of Rock, Rockstar, Manson, The Vamps

This photo changed my life. I'd never seen something so beautiful, so perfect. Beauty and the beast wrapped into one package. This here, ladies and gents, is where all my standards were set. Her style, her makeup, her attitude: every single thing I look for in a woman and every single thing I try to make my 'fake' women look like they have in my photos. Give it up, for the one and only, the flawless Shirley Manson....

Joseph Pecoraro