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Make the most of your shared bathroom with these creative and functional ideas. Discover how to maximize space, organize essentials, and create a harmonious environment for everyone to enjoy.

That’s a great question. One I can’t answer without sounding completely out of touch seeing as I don’t have kids. What I can do is show you a layout for a bathroom that the kids share. They each get their own sink, and there is still privacy in the toilet area in case one absolutely […]

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I want to change this bath floor plan so that the tub is situated perpendicular to the outer window. No more Jack and Jill. The door will open to the main hall and close off the bedroom entrances. I want the hall to be 48". Give me some suggestions?

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This may seem like a really random topic, but hey, it's something every freshman has to figure out, and I might as well try and save you some awkwardness. Via YOU WILL NEED: -A shower caddy filled with the essentials -a bathrobe -flip flops -a towel 1. While in your room, get naked. I advise doing this in your room to avoid the discomfort of trying to undress in a cramped shower stall that might be wet. 2. Put on your robe and flip flops, and grab your supplies. Arm yourself! And make your…

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