Sewing tattoo design

Express your love for sewing with a unique tattoo design. Discover inspiring ideas to showcase your passion for fashion and creativity with a sewing-inspired tattoo.
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Samantha Jones
One of my new tattoos! A spool of thread and sewing needle on the right shoulder blade. Thread Tattoo, Memento Tattoo, Quilt Tattoo, Sewing Tattoos, Spool Of Thread, 달력 디자인, Scar Tattoo, Theme Tattoo, Tattoo Feminina

I had this pair of brown pants, you see, and like most pants, they were a tad too short for my long legs. I could have sworn I had a before picture of the pants in question. However, it seems to have eluded me now. Let's just pretend they were these pants. Only a little shorter. And not quite so wide-legged. But other than that, they were exactly the same pants. Given that I turned the above-pictured pants into shorts, I had to do something else with these. I mean, brown shorts are rather…

Carissa Browning