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Before coming back down to earth with the start of this week's NAIAS, the mobility industry spent some time in bright, blue sky at CES 2019. Forget cars ready to drive home off the lot, CES was focused on vessels and systems built to shift paradigms and solve emerging transportation issues.

Marcos Barrera
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About this item Skin Deep, But Not Too Deep: Inkbox tattoos are made with For Now Ink, which is a semi-permanent tech that sets Inkbox apart from the temporary tattoos you knew as a kid. Unlike most fake or temporary tattoos, Inkbox works because it sits in your skin, not on top of it. Lasts Longer Than Most Temporary Tattoos: While most temporary tattoos only last a few days, Inkbox lasts up to 1-2 weeks and is water-resistant. You can shower, sweat, and go about your day. Just avoid…

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Berlin-based illustrator Kaethe Butcher draws girls with fiercely unique personalities. Written words are dropped onto her drawings, revealing the internal thoughts of young women figuring out the complexities of love and life. Her quirky characters are the kind of girls who smoke cigarettes in bath tubs while contemplating their existence in a chaotic world. Many of Butcher's sweet, sensuous drawings border on erotica. Butcher's women waver between losing themselves in passionate throws and…

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