Self regulation

Learn practical techniques to improve self-regulation and achieve greater control over your emotions and behaviors. Discover how to develop healthy habits and create a balanced lifestyle for optimal well-being.
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Here are some of the best psychology based self regulation techniques for adults as well as children so that they can manage their emotions and feelings in the right direction. Read the blog to know more.

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About this item 【Regulation Feelings poster Size】Management Emotions Chart Poster size is 12x16 inches/16x24 inches/24x36 inches framed/unframed. We also have frame styles that you can choose as per your requirements. You can prepare a poster-sized or larger frame to match your mural; assemble and install it yourself and fully enjoy the fun of DIY. 【 Quality Guarantee】: Self Regulation Feelings poster is printed on high-quality museum quality canvas using fade-resistant archival ink…

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Discover the importance of sensory regulation and its impact on self-regulation. Explore the intricate relationship between sensory overload, emotional well-being, attention, and behavior. Learn practical strategies for enhancing sensory regulation and fostering resilience in navigating daily sensor

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The process of sitting still and being with our emotions can be extremely uncomfortable. Many of us choose to either avoid our feelings or instantly react to them without thinking, so it can be quite overwhelming in our meditation practice when we’re put in a position to just observe them as they ar

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Further supplement strategies for managing emotions and sensory needs as part of their social emotional learning with these free, timely strategies and tools when specifically using The Zones of Regulation curriculum to help individuals ages 5-18+. These free resources provide select examples of deeper instruction when using some of the 11 Zones of Regulation products.

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