Seasons chart

Learn about the different seasons through an interactive chart. Discover the characteristics and changes that occur in each season and deepen your understanding of the natural world.
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A weather chart is a map that displays meteorological conditions in a certain area with various symbols. These symbols have meanings. Weather charts have been used since the 19th century to make weather forecasts..

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Who’s Here Today? Self Registration Chart Let children self-register on arrival! Use the fun animal name cards provided or use the blank cards and attach photographs of the children to personalise as you wish. Provided as PDF Forms, the name cards can be edited to include any name required. Great for encouraging name recognition! Today Is (Dates, Weather & Seasons) […]

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Kids love to ask questions. Maybe you’ve barely poured your cup of coffee in the morning before getting peppered with questions like this: What day is it? What month is it? What’s it going to be like outside today? It’s adorable most days, and other days, well, it can be a bit much. I’ve started […]

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