Sea serpent

Explore the fascinating world of sea serpents and dive into the intriguing history of their sightings. Discover the truth behind these legendary creatures and embark on an adventure in the depths of the ocean.
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Sea Serpent is a broad, general category of sea monster. The term can be applied to any mythic or legendary marine creature that is large and vaguely serpentine-shaped. Sea serpents are closely associated with the mythological trope of the Chaoskampf, where a storm god representing order battles a primordial sea god representing chaos. This primordial sea god, which often takes the form of a serpent or dragon, is eventually defeated and killed by the storm god in order to create the world…

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Runequestification - His Majesty, the Sea Serpent! | d-infinity Dragons, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Fantasy Dragon, Fantasy Beasts, Mythical Creatures Art, Fantasy Monster, Beast Creature, Fantasy Creatures Art

A few weeks back I wrote up His Majesty, the Sea Serpent, from the pages of The Mythos Society Guide to New England for the Call of Cthulhu RPG 6th edition. Since it is pretty straightforward, I thought I would save you a little heavy lifting - and make my players in my River of Cradles Runeque

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