Sculpture rodin

Explore a collection of captivating sculpture ideas inspired by the renowned artist Rodin. Discover unique ways to incorporate these sculptures into your home decor for an artistic touch.
Rodin intended La Danaide to be a panel in his massive work entitled The Gates of Hell, a depiction of those that were condemned to eternal damnation. Description from I searched for this on Auguste Rodin, Musée Rodin, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Claudel, Rodin Sculpture, Human Sculpture, French Sculptor, Wassily Kandinsky, Erotic Art

When I am in Paris, if time allots, I try to sneak away to the Musée Rodin, for a moment of artistic reprieve. In fact, in the past, I mandated that my lingerie design team visit this beautiful sculptural enclave for inspiration. I believe that Rodin’s work is the perfect manifestation of the sensual form.…

Luanna Myers