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Explore our collection of authentic Scottish kilts to embrace the traditional charm of Scotland. Find the perfect kilt to showcase your Scottish heritage and make a statement at any event or occasion.
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Following the 2-hour (nonstop) route on the Isle of Skye peninsula from a home base of Portree, we saw a number of sites along the way, did some hiking, and visited a neolithic underground souterrain. Places on our journey: Portree harbor, Old Man of Storr, Lealt Falls, Kilt Rock, Mealt Falls, Kilv

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source( Scottish Traditional Dress Biography The rich Scotland culture has gone through many changes since the past years. Scotland was mostly inhabited by the Celtic decedents in the Scottish Highlands. Scots dominated the Southern part of the country. Mostly the Scots are smart and vigilant. There is some influence of the Nordic and Anglo Saxon people on the culture of Scotland. The church going majority in Scotland are the members of the Scotland church. The Scottish people…

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Traditional highlandwear outfits are most commonly worn to formal events like weddings and other black tie events. The swing of the pleats, the different colours of tartan and all the accessories make for a much more interesting outfit than a plain suit. While it’s ultimately down to personal preference, as a rule of thumb, a Prince Charlie or Argyll jacket and waistcoat are worn to the most formal occasions. These outfits are also accessorised with a dress sporran. For slightly less formal…

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