School hallway displays

Transform your school hallway with these creative display ideas. Inspire and engage students with visually appealing and educational displays that showcase their work and achievements.
14 Unusual Bulletin Board Boarders Pool noodles, cupcake papers, LEGOS?  These unusual and incredibly fabulous border ideas are easy to do.  WARNING: Using these in a hallway may cause major student traffic problems as everyone stops to take a look! Felt Letter Board Ideas Classroom, School Supply Bulletin Boards, Teacher Union Bulletin Board, Apartment Bulletin Board, Union Bulletin Board Ideas, County Fair Bulletin Board Ideas, Classroom Message Board Ideas, Flag Bulletin Board Ideas, Title 1 Bulletin Board Ideas

I love bulletin boards. Have I mentioned that? I love making my bulletin boards art. I love putting art on my bulletin boards. Heck...I'll put almost anything on my boards! Here are a few ideas for quick and funky borders using some non-traditional items that you may have laying around your house. Poker Chips I use poker chips for several different things in my classroom, so I have quite a few on hand. They make a great border, don't they? If you have a metal edged board, you can use a glue…

Gloria Salas