Samurai girl

Explore the captivating world of samurai girls and their indomitable spirit. Unveil stories of bravery, honor, and resilience as these female warriors carve their own path in history.
Fully Rigged 3D Samurai Hat by ParallaxCreates, ParallaxCreates - Jeremiah Rojas on ArtStation at Samurai Hat Draw, Japanese Straw Hat Samurai, Samurai Straw Hat, Samurai Girl Art, Samurai Pirate, Samurai Female, Female Samurai Tattoo, Women Samurai, Samurai Cyberpunk

I follow a strict schedule Monday through Friday that permits me to post on social media once a day on Mondays, Weds and Fridays but we can deviate from that today. Here is my Azura Kira wearing my latest 3D Jewelry creation, the Jingasa inspired Samurai hat that is fully rigged for Maya, Unreal Engine 5+, Blender and will also be available for 3D Printing. Follow for details.

Huzefa Bata