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Transform your room with unique DIY accessories that reflect your personal style. Discover top ideas to add a touch of creativity and personality to your space.
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Jewelry Collection Stories – Kylie of okay______fine - Gem Gossip - Jewelry Blog

Today's featured jewelry collector is Kylie of okay_____fine, an Instagram account of a jewelry loving, uber creative ceramist who describes her page as her digital jewelry box. Her style and taste in jewelry is as unique as they come, with a love for spooky season, obsession for charms and stackable rings for days. She has

Thiên An Phan
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Mini Macrame Planters – DIY Dorm Decor

There are many reasons I don't wish I was back in college again... homework, all-nighters, college loans, writing a senior thesis etc. BUT, the shift in dorm decor could almost convince me to go back in time! College dorm decor has come such a long way and even though I'm not in college anymore...

Herlinde Spinnewyn
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Make A Perfect Bow Using A Fork as Your Guide

Making bows can be a fiddly business. We loop, and tie, and pull on skinny little pieces of ribbon and hope when we’re done that we end up with something kind of straight and pretty looking. It can leave even crafty folk feeling rather fumble fingered. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a little...

Kathryn Walsh