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Dive into the extraordinary adventures and mythical realms created by Rick Riordan. Discover the best books filled with gods, heroes, and epic quests that will keep you hooked from start to finish.
The Kane Chronicles, Zio Rick, Frank Zhang, Piper Mclean, Percy And Annabeth, Jason Grace, Trials Of Apollo, Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson Memes

Percy Jackson always knew he was missing something, or rather, someone. When he fell in love with Annabeth, he thought he had finally found a way to fill it, but he didn't. He has kept a secret from everyone. It is one thing that causes the most problems and makes even more secrets. He was born with a rare disorder, called Hyperthymesia. It is when a person can remember everything, with very great detail. Percy knew that Sally wasn't his real mother, and that he wasn't just half human and…