Reusable menstrual products

Make a positive impact on the environment with reusable menstrual products. Discover the benefits of using eco-friendly alternatives and find the perfect products for a sustainable and comfortable period.
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Cloth pads starter set. You will receive a set of soft thin daily gaskets with a protected membrane. Set- 1 gaskets 7'', 1- gaskets 8", 1- gaskets 9", 1- Heavy 10 inch, 1- Extra 11 inch. is also a laundry bag for washing in the washing machine and wet bag. Or one size 5 menstrual pad laundry bag and wet bag. On the front side it is a water flannel organic, and on the reverse side it is a cotton with a print flora. MINI LINER Holds the same amount of flow as a liner although is shorter in…

Svitlana Korytniuk

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These are basically a pad without a core, as the “base” (Waterproofed or not) with straps or pocket ends that hold an insert on top of the pad base. The pocket-ended version is sometime…

Kathryn Griffin