Retro pink bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a charming retro oasis with these unique pink bathroom ideas. Discover how to incorporate vintage elements and create a nostalgic atmosphere in your space.
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Some things need to be protected at all costs: endangered species, Dame Maggie Smith, and the Doomsday Seed Vault, to name a few. Something else worth preserving? Time capsule houses. I love walking into a home and experiencing that surreal feeling of being transported back in time. And apparently, I’m not alone!

Nadine Hakim
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Modern and farmhouse bathrooms have been wildly popular as of late, but if you’re feeling a little burnt out by clean lines, rustic beams, and super sleek materials, a retro bathroom might be a worthy style contender for your home. So forget the shiplap and shiny chrome finishes and instead set your sights on throwback design ideas that’ll make your bathroom unique and vintage-inspired — yet still fitting for a more updated home.

Sherri Schubert
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If you rent (or own and aren’t ready for a remodel) then inherited bathrooms can be either a beloved, or dreaded, fact of life. Pink vintage tiles are particularly divisive and require a deft decorating hand — no matter what your feelings are. Here are six ways to approach your space… Soften It: Sophie & Nick (above) went with the existing soft pastel of the tub and painted their walls a light warm grey.

Karen Prudencio