Retirement savings plan

Explore smart retirement savings plan ideas to ensure a secure and comfortable future. Start planning today and take control of your financial independence.
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The 401k is easily one of the best tax-advantaged retirement accounts out there. In order to keep your contributions on target for your age, we’ll break down how much should have in your 401k retirement account based on your age. We'll also go over the core things to know about a 401k so you can make the best decisions

Russell Sheppard
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I know people say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I’d be pretty dang happy laying in a hammock in Fiji. How much money do you actually need to make it to Fiji when you retire? That’s exactly what I’m answering below! So – how much money do you need saved to be able to retire where it’s nice and breezy with Uncle Kracker instead of working at Walmart as a door greeter when you’re 80? Short Answer: Enough to pay all your bills + some. Long Answer: There’s honestly more than one…

Judy Reynolds