Transform your garden with these creative and beautiful replanting ideas. Discover how to give new life to your plants and create a vibrant and thriving outdoor space.
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Of all the gardening tasks, repotting is my favorite. Give me a bench full of plants to repot and I’m in horticulture heaven. Houseplants need repotting when they start to become root bound. You’ll know when this happens because roots will grow out of the drainage holes or the plant tries to push itself out […]

Katrina Anne
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After successfully regrowing vegetables from their scraps like celery, Bok Choy, sweet potatoes and green onions, we got lots of requests and comments from folks who have also used these methods to regrow pineapples in their own homes — so what did we do? We are trying to regrow a pineapple we bought and ate from the grocery store with its leftover top! We did a bit of research on how it can be done on none other than Pinterest, and it looks like growing a pineapple from the leftover top is…

Liliana Karayannis