Red velvet muffins

Indulge in the rich and decadent flavors of red velvet muffins. Try these irresistible recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth with a batch of homemade goodness.
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These red velvet muffins are soft, fluffy, easy to make, and filled with a gooey cream cheese filling. They come together in one bowl and you don’t need an electric mixer. The filling is made from four ingredients and comes together in no time. They're the perfect muffin for breakfast, brunch, or snacking.

Annie Deguire
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Red velvet muffins are soft, moist and fluffy bakery style muffins that taste and look just like a classic red velvet cake. White chocolate chips are studded throughout these vibrant velvet muffins for the perfect color and flavor contrast.

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These Bakery Style Red Velvet Muffins are incredibly moist, have delicious cocoa flavors and a wonderful tang from a combination of buttermilk and yogurt. These muffins are made in one bowl and take less than a half hour to make. A crunchy granulated sugar crust adds the finishing touch to these muffins.

Brenda Stokes