Recycled tyres

Discover how to give new life to old tyres with these creative ideas. From garden decor to DIY projects, find inspiration for recycling tyres and making a positive impact on the environment.

If you've ever owned a car, chances are you had to change the tires at least once, leaving you with a dilemma as to what to do with old tires. Thankfully, the times of burning used tires in your yard are long forgotten, and if there's no tire recycling facility near you, these DIY projects can help you to give them a second life.

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Here’s how to turn nasty old tyres into something pretty and useful. Words & images: Julie Legg MATERIALS 2 used tyres (we used G14s) 1 x 600x18x1800mm laminated pine panel 610 x 610 x 30mm foam 1m vinyl 8 x 38mm angle bracket and screws 4 x 75mm brackets and screws spray adhesive Resene Membrane primer Resene Lumbersider paint TOOLS skill saw sander staple gun scissors Around a quarter of old car tyres are recycled. The rest end up in huge, soon-to-be-outlawed tyre dumps, illegal dumps, or…

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Enhance your outdoor area with imaginative DIY projects utilizing repurposed tires! Discover an array of delightful ideas, from tire swings in fun animal shapes to charming garden planters. Engaging your kids in the process will bring them pure delight as they witness their creations come to life. Transform discarded tires into enchanting works of art and infuse your yard with a touch of whimsy. Unleash your creativity with these upcycled tire projects and elevate your outdoor playtime.

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