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One of the key thoughts about history as an educational discipline is the idea that humans, a species that puts so much focus on progress and improvement, could learn from the people and events of the past.


Life is full of scary stuff - taxes, falling in love, having kids, and even sometimes just getting out of your bed might feel like a horror story unfolding. But what if we told you that all of that is all peaches and cream compared to these creepy true stories that people shared on the internet? Oh yeah, prepare yourself to be seriously spooked because these unexplained events are very real, and… you could be next.

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13. "My wife and I moved out of state for her to go to school. We didn't know a single person in the area. My wife befriended a young lady at her part-time job, and my wife invited the new friend and her boyfriend to our place for dinner. They were the first guests we