Rajma masala

Learn how to make flavorful rajma masala at home and take your meals to the next level. Try these top recipes and satisfy your cravings with a burst of aromatic spices.
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Kashmiri Rajma Masala Curry Recipe

Kashmiri rajma masala is a delicious and nutritious dish prepared with dry kidney beans simmered in an aromatic tomato puree base. After I got great reviews for my Instant Pot Rajma curry, I thought, why not share another favorite version of mine that goes along the same theme - Kashmiri Rajma Recipe? This recipe differs...Read More

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Rajma Recipe | Rajma Masala | Kidney Beans Curry

Rajma Masala is a delicious flavoursome North Indian curry made by cooking kidney beans with a lip smacking gravy of tomatoes, onion, ginger & spices. The rajma recipe shared here is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and can be enjoyed with breads like naan, roti or rice (chawal).