Quotes about gratitude

Discover a collection of inspiring quotes about gratitude that will uplift your spirits and remind you to appreciate the little things in life. Let these quotes inspire you to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and spread positivity to those around you.
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Renea Bartlett core values are self-love, empowerment, and leadership, and I continuously learn about these through teaching. Teaching others, teaching my son, and teaching through coaching, writing, and reflecting on my learning and that of my colleagues and clients.

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If You Need a Reminder to Be Grateful

Just sharing some favorite quotes that I’ve saved over the years. Even during one of the busiest times of years, it’s crucial to take a step back and remember all that we have. I definitely like pulling these quotes out when I need a humbleness check-in (among these ideas), too. …

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Gratitude changes your perspective for the better. Your outlook on your daily life can deeply affect the way you feel about food, your image, and your self-confidence. About a month ago, I found myself complaining about almost everything around me. My job, my apartment, my outlook on my future, my lack of focus on my goals, and more. I was being really hard on myself and blaming almost everything around me because I was feeling unsatisfied, but most importantly, I was being ungrateful. I was…

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Sometimes we can get caught up in the negative things happening and forget all of the positive aspects of our lives. It is important to...

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