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Explore a collection of creative quilting board ideas to inspire your next quilting project. Find tips, patterns, and techniques to enhance your quilting skills.
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Those of you who have been following our YouTube channel for a while will have noticed a number of changes in what we have in the background. It's all about being able to keep things neat and tidy while showcasing what we are working on in the video at the time. We found that having a piece of batting on the wall worked quite well, but it wasn't terribly attractive so we came up with the idea of putting the batting onto a canvas board. Now we tried a few techniques and kept ending up with…

Cheryl Besser
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Pictures - All from my scrap box. - This quilt is made entirely from my scrap box....and I still can't get the lid on it. The pattern is from the April 2019 issue of the American Patchwork and quilting magazine. It is not a difficult pattern but it takes lots of time to make. I could not strip piece it due to using

Alicia Murphy
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If you've been searching for a way to spruce up your quilt studio, then this is the project for you! Layout your fabric swatches, blocks, and patterns before quilting by learning how to Make Your Own Design Board. With just a little bit of crafting and some batting, you can make a design board that allows you to layout your entire design before piecing it together. This DIY design board can be propped up on a table or displayed on a wall, and is a great way to visualize how your finished…

Patty Feldman
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Ironing board quilt. Quilts do not always have to be for beds, or tables or walls. This is my ironing board quilt. I got fed up with ordinary ironing board covers which slip and slide and show stains and generally look ugly after a time. My solution was just to make a quilt for the … Continue reading Ironing Board Quilt →

Ida Dell'oca