Queso philadelphia

Discover mouthwatering queso recipes that feature the creamy goodness of Philadelphia cream cheese. Try these irresistible dishes and elevate your snack game.
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Cream Cheese Slices

Never saw these in US and happened upon them yesterday in our Mexican village, for the first time. We had actually gotten some real (boiled) bagels earlier this week from a local baker and so I thought, hmmmmm, maybe these cream cheese slices will make my morning breakfast a tad easier??? Easier,...

Mary Talbot
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Before & After: Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Design company Holmes & Marchant has redesigned the packaging for iconic Kraft soft cheese brand Philadelphia for the European market: “The pack, which had remained virtually unchanged for the past 20 years, now has a brand new oval shape and illuminated graphics that centre on a brightened logo with images of fresh produce on the […]

Rodrigo Arano