Punching bag stand

Take your home gym to the next level with the best punching bag stand. Find the perfect stand to support your training and improve your boxing skills.
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Muay Thai Kick Boxing Heavy Punching Bag Stand. 350lbs weight capacity. Comes with 15 Year Warranty. 7.8ft tall, Heavy Duty, Made in USA, Stand for all size heavy bags up to 350lbs. Includes 4 unfilled sand bags to weight down the station ( see image) Easy 7 screw assembly

Set up a compact punching bag in your basement so you can follow along with workouts from your favorite boxing studios on Instagram Live and strengthen and tone your arms. This free-standing punching bag is adjustable so you can get the height that works for you. Gadgets, Closer, Garages, Gym Setup, Boxing Bag Stand, Punching Bag Workout, Boxing Equipment, Workout Rooms, Fitness Tools

Promising review: "This is a great punching bag for MMA, boxing, tae kwon do, or any other mixture of stand-up fighting styles. This bag is an awesome tool because its height is adjustable and you can use it for kicks and punches. The inside of the bag is very soft, and I personally use 16-oz gloves. This makes for a very good workout. As far as assembly goes, the design is pretty simple, so it should be easy to assemble." —Aiden AllredGet it from Amazon for $215.

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