Learn the techniques and strategies of a skilled pugilist to become a formidable fighter. Discover the secrets of boxing and unleash your inner strength in the ring.
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Two main protagonists for a Victorian Era brawler videogame I created as part of a larger art direction portfolio. Characters are Mickey and Charlie. Charlie is an ex-bobbie while Mickey is an underground fighter and dock worker. Old childhood friends, they team up together to uncover clues in the kidnapping of Charlie's wife.

Gerald Hood
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"The faster you go the harder you hit. Smack enemies in the face with your fists." Mercury is one of the playable Gods in SMITE. Mercurial. A word that evokes volatility, quickness, and cunning. But to compare anything to the speed and wit of the Messenger God Mercury would be to compare a hot day to the searing forge of Vulcan, or a blooming rose to the glory of Venus. It is but a pale comparison. Mercury can leap the space between lightning and thunder, outfox the fox king, and reach…

Ben Parker